The Three Amigos

 The Three Amigos

(Written at 3:33am)

Three friends go to play in the Park. 

Starting in The Matrix they spend most of their time talking about Red Dwarf and planning hijinks. One of the three has a way to communicate with a friend (the fourth Amigo) who works for the Park. 

They run from agents, and plan to break into West World and rob a bank, until one day an Agent dies… for real.

This Agent is controlled by the mother-in-law of the female CEO. She's old and demented but she loves to jack into The Matrix, and she's good at keeping thieves out of the Park. While chasing one of the Amigos down a spiral ramp she wraps herself in a cord and spills water on herself. It's a known flaw of that old deck.

The Amigos learn about the tragedy on the subway. They discuss it in a hushed conversation. Two wants to leave - the game is over, he didn't want to kill anyone for real - but Four tells The One that they'll be arrested and charged as soon as they're out - and she won't be able protect them soon.

They decide to go to West World and lay low. When they get there it becomes obvious that they can't. There's a warrant out for their arrest. They rob a train - hanging from the tracks of a bridge - Matrix style. After the robbery they split the loot and go their separate ways.

The One goes back to The Matrix.

Two goes to Fast & Furious land.

Three stays in West World - he just wants to fish.

They settle down to live out their lives in the Park. The legend grows.

Then the impersonators begin…

Crime within the Park is rife, but people keep coming because it's incredibly fun. The danger of robbery isn't so bad and death remains a one-off. The rules are simple: if you die, better luck next year.

The CEO still hunts the Amigos, but they know the system and she knows if they're ever caught it'll be the end of the Park. She has secret conversations with Three.

Two has built an empire of crime. In a sense, he is just playing the game. He's the Mafia king.

The One has gone on a spiritual journey and connected with what he believes is a true artificial intelligence growing in The Matrix.

Four is mysterious, we don't learn her fate until the very end of the story. (She's the AI, trying to keep her beloved from going insane.)

Best dream ever!


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