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Improving On An Old Chestnut

Breaking my own rule that improvements should be belayed until such time as the original game has been reimplemented, I've added waypoints and path finding to agent movement in FreeSynd. I found this documentation of the A* path finding algorithm to be most enlightening.. although, frankly, the sketch is more than adequate to implement a useful algorithm for agent movement.

It always annoyed me when I told my agents to go to point X and they got stuck inside buildings or took some inordinately long path. Now you can hold down the ctrl key and enter waypoints manually, or you can let the path finder do its job (this is the default). Pressing the ctrl key without clicking the mouse will display the selected agents' current path(s) as a bright yellow line. At the moment the planning algorithm does not take elevated terrain into account, so trying to send agents onto bridges or up stairs simply won't work just yet.

There's still a hell of a lot to do before the game is …

Into The Unknown..

Back when Mike and I started the Boomerang decompiler project, we had the choice to start from scratch or to use our work on the UQBT project as a base. There was pros and cons to both approaches, but in the end we decided that UQBT had quite a lot of value in it, so we went with that. Unfortunately, at the time Mike and I started working on a decompiler based on UQBT, the copyright was owned by a number of parties. We had to talk to lawyers from the University of Queensland, Sun Microsystems and the individual people who had worked on the codebase over the years. Initially the lawyers were of a single opinion: no way. The individual contributors, however, were of mixed opinions: what for? and which license? As it turned out, answering the second question also answered the first question and started to put the lawyers minds at ease.

The goal of the Boomerang decompiler project was decided, way back in 2001, to be a guiding force in bringing about a market for decompilation techn…

Other Fun

I've recently been working on some game related projects. First, there's the RPG engine I've started which I call Stallion. I've received just about no interested about this from anyone so I havn't been paying it much attention. Now and then I get the desire to hack on an RPG and none of the available codebases for graphical RPGs interest me as much as the ones for textual RPGs. So why not hack on a textual RPG? Because it's just so dry without players to consider, and with players to consider you've just gotta be so dedicated.
Then there's my other project. I've always been a fan of Bullfrog's Syndicate. My fan page gets a lot of hits (probably because I give out copies of the game on it). If you've never played Syndicate you probably won't understand the attraction. You'll also think we're all crazy for fooling around with DosBox or old hardware to get the game to actually run and never consider doing the like yourself.…