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Manual Decompilation

Argh. It's 2006, and I still don't have a good decompiler. All is not lost. Thankfully, there are still interesting things to decompile that are both small and contain lots of stuff that makes decompilation easy (e.g., symbols, relocations). So, let's do it manually using some trustworthy old fashioned tools: a disassembler, a text editor and some string processing tools.

Let's choose a target. I'm going to go with a linux kernel module because they are small, contain symbols and relocations and because there exist GPL ones that I won't get in trouble for reverse engineering publicly. Just choosing something at random from /lib/modules on my Ubuntu linux box I come across new_wlan_acl.ko from the madwifi-ng drivers.

Right, now we need a disassembly. No problem. Just do objdump -d --adjust-vma=0x8000000 new_wlan_acl.ko > out.dis. That almost gives me the object as it would look mapped into the linux kernel. Slight problem though, none of the relocatio…

Spring Cleaning

I, like many people, own a robotic vacuum cleaner. It's crap. With all the advanced robotic technology it has on board, it's still lacking in vacuum cleaner technology. Although it is bagless, it's not the good kind of bagless. There's no double vortex mechanism here. In fact, there's very little suction on it at all. That's kind of important for a vacuum cleaner I think. Besides which, the robotic technology isn't all that "advanced" anyway. It still gets stuck in corners or on that same part of the rug. So when I feel the carpet needs a bit of a spruce, I pull out the trusty Vax and put my back into it.

Where's my maidbot? It's been 40 years since the The Jetsons and I am still waiting for my flying car, err, I mean, maidbot. Now, of course, I realise that it would be a bit expensive to get together a crack team of Japanese scientists just to make me a maidbot (and yes, they have to be Japanese scientists) and that no amount of…