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Skip the Intermediaries

Sometimes copyright law is just stoopid. Sometimes the rules just don't apply. Have you heard the story of Steve McDonald and White Stripes? Here's nice flash animation of what happened, or you can keep reading.. Steve McDonald is a veteran member of the band Redd Kross. He likes the White Stripes, but he thought they would sound better if they had a bass guitarist. So he appointed himself. He had the equipment, and the skill, so he made up some bass tracks and added them to his favourite White Stripes songs. He then posted those songs on the Redd Kross website - without permission. Of course, this could land him in hot water, but luckily he bumped into Jack White who gave his assurances that he wasn't going to sue. Before that happened I'm guessing Steve McDonald just didn't give a damn.. after all, he's a rocker, man.

I'm not a rocker, but I am a rebel, ask anyone. I once posted the full c99 standard to my web site so people wouldn't have to…

At last. Some violence!

Hehe, after struggling to place the head, torso and legs of pedestrians together to make the animations work in FreeSynd for the last week or so I happened to find this information about HELE-0.ANI, HFRA-0.ANI and HSTA-0.ANI. Turns out these three files contain just about everything you need to know to draw objects in the game. There are 1970 animations which are made up of frames taken from a pool of 8949, each of which are made up of elements taken from a pool of 10486, each of which index into the available 1180 game sprites. The amount of work required to manually reproduce these animations (and that I had intended on doing) is phenomonal. A conservative estimate is that this information has knocked a year off the development time. In just one day (today) I have figured out the exact placement of units on the map, fixed the drawing of animations and cleaned up a lot of very ugly code. The result is that agents can now walk around, with and without all the different weapons o…