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Mars on Earth: The Long Tick of Elon Time

We've all heard the joke.

Elon says they're going to fly Commercial Crew in Q1 2020, so add Elon Time - that's mid-to-late 2020, right? 😂😬

You gotta admit, he's consistent - he always tells you the best-case situation; Subtext: if nothing goes wrong... but has that ever happened?

If you count how many nods Elon makes while he answers that question and which way his eyes are pointing you can see how sure he is... How much he isn't telling you.

How much you have no right to know, damn it. Let the man work!

That's how you make a following. Guard your playbook, and move. Never stand still, lest they believe you've fallen over.

What would have happened if 2 years ago Elon said "Look, nothing is going to happen at SpaceX until we see what the NASA Admin is going to do, so just spin your wheels and don't do anything. I'm going to work on Starlink."

Probably everything we've seen in the last 2 years. Gradual improvement and - dare we say it?…

Space Colonial Life - What's It Like Living In An Offworld Industrialization Facility?

In this blog we take a deep dive into the world of offworld rigs, focusing on what you can expect in the way of living conditions when taking a job in the offworld industry.
OFFWORLD RIG FAST FACTS There are around 1,470 offworld industrialization rigs scattered all over the solar system, which means this role could take you anywhere from the Moon to Mars or even the asteroid belt or MercuryAt any one time you will find nearly 200 people living and working on a rigYou’ll rarely find a window insideBe thankful we’re not in the 1960s anymore – Before onboard wifi, engineers were restricted to just one personal phone call a week, and even that was capped to just six minutes
Offworld engineering jobs require travel to some of the most remote places in the solar system, including industrialization rigs in the middle of deep space. You'll work hard offworld but be well rewarded for it - for a start, there's no cooking or cleaning to be done... What job-related training will I need to …