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People that provide rpm files, but not tar.gz/tgz files, should be shot. Typically this isn't so much of a problem, as I can use alien on my debian based distro to convert an rpm into a deb, but I'm in the road right now and don't have access to a machine with that. So, after struggling to get the rpm utilities installed on a naked linux box, where I didn't have root, I've decided that enough is enough. I figure what I need is a web site where I can submit the rpm and it will create a tar.gz for me (ala And I figure that other people need this too. So I've sucked up the cost and done it. Here it is:

Of course, I've put a lot of Google ads on the site. Hopefully this will give me enough income after a year to cover the renewal of the registration and the hosting. Otherwise I might just let it lapse.