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Almost Have A Game Engine Here..

What's the most annoying thing about trying to write a game engine? Ohh, I'm spoiled for choice, ok, I think the most annoying thing is getting together some half decent looking art so you don't go insane testing your engine with stick figures. Well, I recently came up with an interesting solution.. why not use some existing art from one of your most favourite games?

You may note, I've done this before. This time, I picked a game that is a little more recent, but not too recent, GTA3. No, not Vice City, not San Andreas, but those two are the same engine, just updated some.

As I've mentioned before, I have a liking of the OGRE graphics engine. So the first order of business was to get the models out of GTA3 and into OGRE's mesh format. The format used by GTA3 is the Renderman DFF file format. The individual dff files are concatenated together in the models\gta3.img file, which is indexed by the models\gta3.dir file. There's plenty of tools around to ex…