Welcome to my blog

Well, I've finally done it. I've succumbed to the popular movement of spewing thoughts into the void. I've started a blog. My resistance to blogging has always been two fold. First, I've felt that bloggers are innately vain people who believe their random thoughts are somehow more interesting than the random thoughts of others. Second, I've felt that content management software has nothing to offer over a plain html web page.. Especially seeing as you must type into a web form instead of using a proper text editor. But alas, I've come to feel that some of my activities of late may actually be of interest to other people and besides, I've not felt I was solely indulging the author's ego whilst reading the blogs of others. As for content management system, I guess it doesn't matter how you get the info out there, so long as it is remotely interesting.

Speaking of interesting, what is this blog about? It's about the kinds of things I find interesting. I'm an applications programmer, I get paid to do this by a major corporation (I'd rather not say which one) and I also write code for fun. Some of that code I write for fun is particularly interesting. In particular, I work on the Boomerang decompiler project, and some of my recent activities revolve around making it easier to use and applying it to objects of interest. I also have an interest in MMORPGs (programming them, not really playing them) and other facets of computer graphics. I am a supporter of Free Software and have contributed to a number of projects, which I may also talk about.

So here we go.


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