Binary Release Alpha 0.3

I've added a new binary release of Boomerang for win32 to the sourceforge project. The Linux binaries are also up. If you'd like to try making a release for some other platform, please let me know.

What can the new release do? Well, it crashes less. It supports ELF .o files much better than previous releases. It includes some changes that make for better output in some instances. Overall, just general improvements.

What can't the new release do? This is still an alpha release. That means we don't expect you to be able to do very much work with it. Running it on /bin/ls will still give you horrendous output, but try /bin/arch.


  1. I followed a link from Slashdot here out of idle curiosity. What do I find? You just posted new binaries of something. I know it runs on both Windows and Linux, and you can evidently run it on a directory.

    I could probably search through the rest of the blog to find out what it is but if this is representative of the way you blog, I don't think it would be worth the effort. It would have taken an extra dozen words and ten seconds to start the blog with "I just posted a new win32 version of Widganator, my widgeting program, to Source Forge..."

  2. If I did that my regular readers would bitch that they already know what project I work on and don't need to be told every time I post. So I can't please everybody, deal with it.


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