Rusty Schweickart Explains The Asteroid Threat

I don't think he's given a better lecture than this.


  1. Really well done. I was amused by the sort of questions he got from the biology students, particularly the ones tinged of postmodern marxist antihumanism (specifically the one from the girl questioning why we should not just let evolution take its course and wipe us out).

  2. I encourage everyone to watch this. You're correct to bring this to greater attention, and lauding it in such a restrained manner (hard to do).

    Beyond debate is the value of being introduced to the concept of increased risk to an area of the planet that an orbital adjustment brings with it.

    A geopolitical issue, indeed!

    That the incidence of needing "to duck" is guaranteed to grow in the next 10-100 years adds even more reason to enable BEO skill sets.

  3. Bennett, I actually think his position is very conservative.

    We should go out there to every asteroid which is a threat and install transponders, then change the orbits of every asteroid we can so it will never hit Earth - even make them more convenient for mining.

  4. Trent, I'm with you on that. Since this IS a concern of all the nations of the world, funding what you suggest could be accomplished with no pain to any one nation.

    This work, and fuel depot duty, could keep companies like LM/Boeing/SpaceX in full/expanded production for years to come. Not to mention the various international launch providers that have the capability to participate in the task.

  5. Anonymous1:31 AM

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  6. stansbrain, no politics, thanks.


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