Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You've gotta love him

For anyone who wonders why I still love Bob Zubrin, watch this video:

It's the passion.

For anyone who needs a horrific demonstration of closed world thinking, combined with a little intellectual elitism, read on.


  1. He should learn Spanish so he can sound even more impassioned!

    But seriously, he's got a point, he really does. People like to close off their minds, construct self-imposed walls, and ridicule those who don't. We need to get out there and do what we have to do, because we don't want a finite future for our grandchildren.

  2. Indeed. It's the difference between thinking of global politics as a zero-sum game (the present Earth is all we have to work with) and a non-zero-sum game (technological progress and/or resources outside the Earth are available).

    I just looked up "zero-sum" on Wikipedia to get my terms right, and ran across an interesting way to look at it:

    "any non-zero-sum game for n players can be reduced to a zero-sum game for n + 1 players"

    In other words, we can look at the total amount of arable land on Earth and divide that up between our "players", but then there's another "player" that has all the other arable land in the Solar System, or in the Local Group, or in the Galaxy, or so on.