Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sadly, SpaceX Schedule Slips Seem So Systematic

Once again, SpaceX's launch schedule has slipped, this time to no earlier than May 8, 2010.  The previous date was April 12, but it seems they were never going to hit that date.  Of course, this doesn't mean the date hasn't been widely circulated.  The upcoming "space summit", at which President Obama is reportedly going to rally the troops to get behind commercial crew, was planned for 3 days after the launch.  For those out there who would assign some intricate public relations oriented reasoning to SpaceX's latest schedule slip, I'd like to remind them that slippages are nothing new for SpaceX.  The simple fact is, SpaceX has no idea what they're doing when it comes to PR.  If they did, they would have *made it clear* that they were not going to take advantage of the April 12 launch date long before now.  They would issue press releases about what the public is interested in, not about contracts they've signed for missions that are contingent on the success of their current activities.  Mr Musk, you're spending millions to get the hardware right, you're lining the pockets of lobbyists, for god's sake, high a professional ad agency to take care of PR, before its too late.


  1. Anonymous4:20 AM

    I agree. I might also add that it is frustrating to wait again and again for nothing! Another suggestion for Spacex: Take a lesson from "Blue Origin" and just zip it till something DOES occur!

  2. Habitat Hermit5:52 PM

    I disagree profusely, I prefer knowing what is not happening over not knowing what is not happening ^_^

    == Don't read the rest if you have a headache or you're prone to epileptic seizures or intoxicated ==

    But SpaceX goes a little bit further and tells everybody when they think they know that something might happen might happen even though they also know it might not happen at the time they think they know it might happen or that they said that it might happen earlier (there are no errors in this sentence, read it again, out loud if necessary ^_^). They've started putting emphasis on the latter part lately to show that they know as you know that they didn't actually know what they thought they knew but actually they know that they newer know and they want to be clear about that and make sure you know they know they don't know... in addition they probably don't see any much point in saying that they know they didn't know until they know when the nest time they know about but don't know for sure might happen O_o

    As for a pro ad agency they would be doomed to make real ugly blunders sooner or later. I'll spare you the gruesome details which always follow but it involves shriveled souls and escaping magic smoke.